Private Instructions

We believe in tailoring the teaching to the student's learning style and creating individualized lesson plans based on your goals.

Our lessons are taught in-studio, allowing us to provide a professional, focused learning environment and to present each student with the finest instruments and an extensive music library at the teacher’s fingertips. Our lesson are taught in Classical and/or Contemporary styles, for all skill and age levels. Lesson fees also include fun group instructional classes and recitals.

We Offer:

Piano •  Theory • Piano Pedagogy

Our studio offers numerous themes for learning. These themes are a fun way of broadening our students musical horizons, and making sure that they receive a well-rounded musical education. Our themes include- but are certainly not limited to:

• Technique Skills • Improvisation • Composition • Ensemble Playing • Musicianship Skills

Community Events

We love to hold communal events. Whether it be a performance, a workshop, or a friendly competition, we love to bring our private students together and to build community with one another. These events are included in your flat monthly fee - they do not cost extra. And as if that wasn't good enough, we're always sure to provide tasty snacks!

Interested in seeing what we're up to? Check out our calendar.

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