“...We've found you very good with our daughter. You've made her feel comfortable and positive about learning piano.”

Esther L

“As a result of taking piano lessons at the MUSiK SHOP, I have learned to play better. The songs are fun to play. I would recommend the MUSiK SHOP because it’s easy to learn with their piano books”

Jordan M

“Before I came for my first guitar lesson at the MUSiK SHOP, I was a bit worried that I wasn’t going to be good at guitar. But I found out that I was good at guitar; I wasn’t as ‘sucky’ as I thought I was. Fraser is a good teacher!”

Sarah K

"My kids are reading music and excelling far beyond where we thought, thanks to our teacher, Abigail. We could not have asked for a better teacher. She is so patient."


“Love it! Love Jeremy! My daughter has a renewed interest and enthusiasm.“


“The 'low pressure' atmosphere of the lessons suits our daughter perfectly. She enjoys the stress free lessons in a pleasant space.”


“Even though I may not practice as much as I should some weeks due to school, work and personal life I always feel like I learn something new and valuable at every lesson. The teacher is very encouraging and helpful.”

Jean H.

“A concern that I had before starting piano lessons with the MUSiK SHOP was that I may not be competent. Then I discovered that I can play the piano. I was not made to feel inadequate. The teacher shows a lot of patience and there are no ‘put downs’ during the lesson. I like the location and it’s nice to support a local business.”

Brianna M, 7yrs old.

“Before starting, I worried about not making it past the first level... I know I’m good at it because I’ve played a lot of songs: 20, 30 or 40. And I’m in the blue books already!.... What I wish was different is that I could stay longer at my lesson so I could learn more.”

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